Tuesday, April 29, 2014

More Potholders

I found this cute pattern for a dish cloth at Busy Fingers, Busy Life. Seeing them made me drop my other project and start right away! I made two of them, not to use them as dish cloths but as potholders.


Discovered some nice wild flowers that grow in our garden! After some searching I now know they are wild hyacinths. So beautiful!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Get Lost!

I found this cross stitch pattern at Subversive Cross Stitching (you can buy it here) and the pattern just reminds me of my beloved black cat Sjakie, who could have said it himself. 


It's cotton yarn and burlap, which is great material to cross stitch.


My Crochet Flower Dress is both featured by The Cottage Market and Go Crochet Crazy this week!

Thanks,  Andrea and Mary!!

 I was featured at Go Crochet Crazy

Friday, April 25, 2014

Macarons - First Attempt

As  you know I love baking and cooking, but somehow my things never look as nice as in the picture. After seeing nothing else than macarons in the last year and reading anywhere that they're very difficult to make and you will fail for sure the first time you make them, I finally took a dare nonetheless. 

After reading about four hundred different recipes I made up something myself:
- 2 egg whites
- 200 grams of confectioners sugar
- 200 grams of almond meal

This morning I separated the egg whites from the yolks and let it rest for three hours. 

First I mixed the egg whites for a couple of minutes before I added all of the sugar at once. I mixed until the egg whites were stiff enought to turn the bowl upside down without losing the egg whites. After that I folded in the almond meal, until the mix was smooth. 

With a tea spoon (first note to self, but I think you can use this one, too: pipe to make perfectly round macaron shells instead of using a spoon) I made little heaps of egg white on baking paper and let it rest for half an hour. The outside of the egg white has to be dry before you put them in the oven, I read somewhere. 
I preheated the oven at 150 degrees Celsius and baked the macaron shells for fifteen minutes. 

Not all of the macarons came out of the oven the way they should be. One had too much air in it, I think, so it kind of burst in the middle. Others had a top that slided of the bottom. And because of using a spoon instead of piping, some weren't perfectly round. But all in all I'm not dissatisfied for a first attempt. Not dissatisfied at all. 

 After baking them I let them rest until room temperature. In the meantime I made the filling. I really like the taste of coffee, so I made a butter cream with coffee to fill them.
- 125 grams of butter
- 100 grams of confectioners sugar
- 2,5 grams of espresso powder

Mix the ingredients until smooth. Fill the macarons with the butter cream.

Well, to be honest I have no idea how macarons should taste, because I never ate them before, but I love my own version anyhow.  A bit too sweet, so I will use a little less sugar the next time, but still yummie. 


Oh, if they all come nice out of the oven, you can make twenty macarons with these amounts of ingredients.

This week I will buy some macarons at the pastry store, just to compare. I will let you know!


My Easter Chickens were featured on Creative Jewish Mum's blog!

Thank you so much!

My  Ladder for Blankets was featured by The Life of Jennifer Dawn and by Bowdabrablog!

Thanks, Jennifer and Sarah!

Wanted #17

Love Clogs!

Monday, April 21, 2014


One of the bigger projects I worked on the last weeks is this pillow:

I found the cross stitch pattern at Felicity Hall and after seeing it I knew immediately that I wanted to use it for something. I thought a while about what to make and in the end decided on a pillow, because you can never have enough of those (although my husband would probably disagree on this). 
First I crocheted the pillow cover in grey and afterwards I cross stitched the letters on it.
You can find a lot of other nice cross stitch patterns and complete kits on Felicity's site (especially the little clutches are great: I want the Bird Clutch!!). The pattern that I used for the pillow is a freebie. 

Here you see the pillow  in between some of the other pillows I made in the last months. 



This week my Paper Cherry Blossoms were featured by The Cottage Market!!

Thanks, Andrea!

Friday, April 18, 2014

I Love Saturdays

Don't you? 

What I love about our saturdays:
* Going to the market in the morning
 with my girls to buy flowers and fresh fruit*

* Making something delicious for lunch, 
like Club Sandwiches *

* Baking something sweet for dessert, 
like a Crumble (click here for recipe) *

* Drinking caffee latte and hot chocolate
 in the afternoon at the coffee bar near by *

* Watching movies until late in the evening *
Want to make Club Sandwiches, too?

This is what you need for two:
6 slices of bread
2 chicken breast filets
100 grams of bacon slices
50 grams of rucola

This is what you need to do:

Cut the chicken breast in thin slices and bake until done.
Bake bacon until crispy.
Toast slices of bread

Smear mayonaise on the first slice of bread. 
Cover with chicken breast.
Then another slice of bread
More mayonaise
The third slice of bread
Stick a cocktail pick in it to keep all ingredients in place
And then: eat! Yummie!!

Happy Saturday!!

Wanted #16

Love this Bag!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Ladder for Blankets

Now that I can smell summer in the air I don't need the blankets for some cosy warmth on my couch anymore, but much room to put them away until needed again we don't have around our house. Just in time I saw this great idea at Alisa Burke, one of my favorite blogs: a ladder made from branches and rope. 

For the branches I used wood from the elderberry in our garden that we just cut and for the rope I used pink cotton I normally use for crochet. For extra strengthening I nailed the branches at the crossings, before I wrapped the yarn around.

On top hangs a blanket I'm still busy with. Well, not that busy, because the loose pieces are laying around for quite some weeks  now, but sewing together the loose pieces to complete the blanket is something that I just don't like (or shall I say hate). 

In the middle is a blanket I bought years ago in a store I don't even remember the name of.

At the bottom hangs a blanket I crocheted a couple of months ago (see here).

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Chickens

To fill up this lazy sunday I made these Easter Chickens for my girls. 



Don't you think it's funny that the projects you made that you yourself like the most, a lot of times get a lot less attention than things you made as an 'in betweener'? 
My Flower Dress that I posted last saturday for example, is a project I really love. Colors, pattern, everything. But there are not much other people that like it as much as I do, I can see in my statistics and from the amount of comments. 
On the other hand, my Paper Cherry Blossom project, that I made in less than an hour and I consider as lesser project, had many, many visitors. Still has. Do you have this experience, too? That projects you think will attract a lot of enthousiasts turn out to be not that popular and vice versa? 


Thanks a lot!

Friday, April 11, 2014

New Flower Dress

Two years ago I made a dress just like this one for my oldest daughter, a combination of crochet and sewing. My daughter is way to big for it now and because the dress was white and she was 4 back then, the dress is more a yellow/light brownish than white nowadays. Not something my youngest daughter want to take over from her sister. So I made her a new one.


In the craft store I saw this beautiful royal blue yarn. I really wanted it, but didn't know what to make from it at first, but I think this dress is the perfect project!

I used the African Flower for a lot of projects in the meantime. I wrote a tutorial for it, that you can find here (you have to scroll down a bit).

This is what the original dress looked like. 

Wanted #15

Pullover Bright Lady Marilyn
by Rumble59 

Very Cute Top!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Easter Egg

My first Easter Project of this year:

It's made from little flowers that I punched out of lila and pale pink paper and pinned to an styrofoam egg. I think the flowers look a bit like hyacinth here, a real spring flower. I used the punch before to create Cherry Blossom.


Last week my Crochet Stripey Skirt was featured by Creative Jewish Mom!


And my Golden Hearts were featured by Nap Time Creations!

Thanks, Emily!!

Nap-Time Creations

Friday, April 4, 2014

Chequered Potholders - Tutorial

Made new potholders!
Want to make them, too?
Here's the recipe!

* Chain 32 in color A

* Chain 3 (this is your first trc), trc in every next chain. Don't cut of yarn at the end of the row.

* Change to color B. Secure yarn to first stitch of the second row and chain 1. Sc in next 3 stitches. Now put your crochet needle in the next st of the first row. Pull up loop of yarn.

Sc in next four stitches and pull up loop. Repeat until end of the row. Cut of the yarn.

*  Chain 3 of color A (this is your first trc), trc in next three stitches, *skip one stitch (this stitch should be above the pulled up stitch), trc in next four stitches*, repeat * * until end of row.

* Change to color B. Sc in next four stitches. Pull up a loop in the 'eye' of the loop you made two rows ago. Repeat until end of row.

* Repeat pattern until you have fifteen rows of both colors. 



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