Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Favorite pattern revisited, again

I brought out my all time favorite pattern again to make a summer dress for my youngest daughter. This time I chose a turqoise fabric with butterflies and birds on it and red for the circle skirt underneath. Red and turqoise is my favorite color combo's.

Dress, turqoise, red, butterflies, birds, twirl

I used this pattern many times before, as you can see here
(click on the links underneath the pictures to go to the original post):

dress, flowers, green, pink, twirl
The Twirl Factor
dress, pink, strawberries
Pink Strawberry Dress
dress, pink, yellow, rose, twirl
Sweet Heart Dress
circle skirt, dress, flowers, crochet, blue, red
Flower Dress
circle dress, birthday, lace, marine
Birthday Dress
circle skirt, zebra,  pink
Zebra Skirt

All very different designs, but all with the same basic pattern...

Friday, May 24, 2013

One More Time

I think of myself  as someone who is not a supertalent at sewing or crocheting or anything else related to crafting, but I can sew a pretty skirt for my girls or crochet a nice baby blanket for a friend who has just delivered, if the pattern isn't too complicated. But there's one thing I am really not good at and that's baking nice cakes, beautiful cookies or awesome cupcakes. The times I tried, it never ended up as I thought it would look, as you can see here:

rainbow, cupcakes, colors, clouds, fondant

Rainbow Cupcakes with buttercreme 'clouds' 
that slided of the blue fondant.

Cake Pops Ice Cones with chocolate that didn't drip nicely down the pink candy melts 
(and melts that for some reason stayed  too thick after melting).

Flower Cookies that came way too big out of the oven,
 so they tripped over all the time.

Confetti Cookies that looked alright, 
but were a bit too hard to bite, especially for little children's teeth.

But  a couple of weeks ago I found this blog called The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle and Sugarbelle makes it look so simple to decorate cookies, that I wanted to give it one more try.

So I bought the ingredients for cookies and icing and after baking the cookies I started to decorate. First I did the piping.

Well, what shall I say... Practice makes perfect?

After that I filled the hearts up with more fluent icing and let them dry.

For a first attempt I'm not entirely displeased, but I thought it would be much easier to decorate cookies. Some lessons I learned:

* Don't let your cookies too long in the oven :-)
* For twenty cookies 250 grams of royal icing is waaaaay to much!
* Roll your dough flat instead of pressing it flat with your hand, because if one side of the cookie is higher than the other the icing will flow over your piping on the lowest side
* I guess to get a steady hand for piping you have to practice A LOT


Wanted #14

Dolores Sweetheart Top by Collectif


Oh, how I love Gingham!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


After months of crocheting, I am now more in the mood for sewing. I have two larger projects on the sewing table that I will finish soon and will show you here (skirt and top), and I'm still busy crocheting a baby blanket that turns out to take infinite time, but inbetween I made this little skirt for my youngest daughter, so I  still have the satisfaction of a Finished Project:


The blue fabric has tiny strawberries on it. Love that!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Got Stripes

After crocheting a Summer Skirt for my oldest daughter, my youngest wanted a skirt, too, of course, so I started to crochet again, with this as a result: 



YIY! Featured again! This week my Wrap Bolero is featured by Pam from Threading my Way!

Thanks, Pam!!

Threading My Way

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wrap Bolero

About a month ago I got a bag full of fabric from a colleague and I already made two raglan shirts from the knits that were in it: 

This week I made this little sort of Wrap Bolero. You can wrap the fronts around the waste and tie the laces together on the back.

Wrap Bolero





One of my Raglan Shirts is featured this week by Emily from Naptime Creations!!

Thanks, Emily!

nap-time creations

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Crochet Name & Age Garland

I already told you about the upcoming birthday, that's still a long time away (in august), but that I already made invitations and a party garland for. Now here's more garland for the party:

Name & Age Garland Crochet

Meaning (yes, you guessed right): Yara 6 years. Yara is the name of my daughter.
It's made of crochet squares in single crochets. The characters that form my daughters name and age are made in cross stitch (click picture to enlarge for a better view). 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

Punto de Cruz Play Mat

Last week I was doing some spring cleaning (just a little, 'cause I'm not the best housewife, truth must be said; when I have to choose between craft or clean my priorities are always very clear) and then I found this: 

Punto de Cruz Playing Mat

I made this about five years ago, when my oldest daughter was just six months old. I had totally forgotten about this play mat, but I still love it!

Punto de Cruz Zebra Playing Mat

Punto de Cruz Lion Playing Mat

The little lion and zebra are from a pattern I found in a Spanish punto de cruz (cross stitch) magazine when I was with my parents, who live in Spain. So cute! And I love the colors.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Raglan Shirt II

And another one I made of pieces of fabric I got from my colleague:

Raglan Shirt, Monsters, Pink, White



Last week my Crocheted Summer Skirt was featured by  Heather from Feather's Flights and also by Emmy Lane!

Crochet Summer Skirt White

Thanks, Heather and Emmy!!

Creative Sewing Blog 


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