Birthday Skirt

In a couple of weeks we have the birthday party of my youngest daughter and that means sewing a dress of course! Well, actually it's a skirt this year. Ever since I saw the Besito Skirt by Lena Hoschek I wanted to make one and now I did. For my daughter, that is. It took me days to see through the pattern and the ruffles on the back, but after trying a lot of different things, I think I figured it out. Here's the result. 



This week my Crochet Basket was featured by Homework!!

Thanks, Carolyn!



  1. Beautiful. You do great work. You are inspiring me to get the sewing machine out. Just found you through Our Delightful Home. I'm your latest follower. I'm hoping you'll follow me back at

    1. Thanks for following me, Peggy! So nice to hear I inspire people, haha!

  2. Love the crochet along the bottom edge. A very pretty skirt.

    1. Thanks, Pam! Did I wish you a Great New Year already?

  3. Awesome skirt! Love all the colors and the ruffle. You have a lot of talent! Thanks for linking to Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  4. Adorable! I love all the fun colors and the awesome blue trim! Great job!

  5. Love the skirt and all the trims!! So Pretty! Hope your years off to a great start! Happy new year! Thanks for sharing at the party! Theresa @DearCreatives


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