Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stars & Bells

Tomorrow I’m going to see a friend of mine who delivered a little girl about a month ago. After making the chain of letters for another friend, who was very enthusiastic about it, I thought about making something like that again.

Not exactly the same, but kind of. Also made of felt, polymer clay, ribbon and little bells.


This week my Little Skulls Garland is featured by Crafty Confessions. Thanks, Macy!

Crafty Confessions

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sugar Skull

Last week I started a somewhat larger project (at least large for me, as it will take a couple of weeks to finish it). I found the book Twisted Stitches by Phil Davison via my favorite blog of this moment Feeling Stitchy and am embroidering the Sugar Skull that’s on the cover. I LOVE sugar skulls! Let's hope it's finished just in time for Dia de los Muertos, november 1st and 2nd. 


This week I got an award! Katrin  of Me dLux gave me the award. Great honor to know that someone likes my blog so much she wants to give me an award for it!! But… I think anyone who takes the time to write a blog and wants to share ideas with others does deserve this award! So I guess I have to say ‘Thanks, but no thanks’ to the award. Not that I don’t appreciate it, because I certainly do, Katrin!! I hope you understand…


And my Cat Pumpkin is featured again! This time by Meg of Nutmeg Place. Thank you very much, Meg!

Nutmeg Place

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thank You!

This week they have Day of the Kindergarten Teacher, here in The Netherlands, and I didn’t want to give just a box of chocolate, so I made something to pack it: 

It’s made of felt and the embroidery is done with cotton yarn. I thought it would look nicer than the plastic bag the chocolate normally comes in. Hopefully the teachers of my youngest will like it.


Another Important Happening this week is the school friend birthday party of my oldest daughter. For the earlier party, for friends and family, I made a piñata of a cat. My daughter wanted another one for her school friends, a tiger this time, so I started all over again and here it is:


And… Misty of The Creative Itch Boutique featured my Cat Pumpkin! Thanks, Misty!!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Failed Birthday Treat

Last week it was my daughter’s birthday and she finally could treat her classmates. I made chocolate flowers, but to be honest they didn’t came out my hands as I had them in my head.  
First: what I wanted to make where little flower pots with two little flowers and a butterfly, but although I didn't use any baking powder, the cookies came out of the oven way to big, so there was just enough room for one cookie. 
Second: I wanted to plant the flowers in play dough in little terracotta pots, but unfortunately the shop where they sell the little pots didn’t have enough of them, so I had to turn to something else.  I took cup cake liners instead, but because the flowers were too big some of them topped over all the time, as the cake liners weren’t heavy enough to keep them upright. 
It was much too late to start making other treats, so I had to leave it this way.
All in all not the nice, great looking project I had in my mind. I guess I don't have any talent for making nice treats, because this isn't my first failure, as you can see here
But.., there’s another chance in January, when my other daughter has her birthday J ! New round, new chance!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Little Skulls

In my post from last week I wrote I wouldn’t post anything autumnish for the rest of this month, but that was when it still looked like we were in the middle of the summer here. But now it’s raining, the wind is blowing around the house and I even saw some leaves falling already, so I guess fall has started here, too. The weather makes me long for orange, brown and red colored stuff, lots of pumpkin recipes and most of all Halloween.

My favorite blog at the moment is Feeling Stitchy; they made me rediscover embroidery. I already found a nice poodle pattern a couple of weeks ago and yesterday I found an adorable Halloween skull garland. I stole the skull pattern and made my own style of garland:


made in a day


Another favorite blog of mine is TheFreelancer’s Fashion Blog and just now The Freelancer has a give away: an embroidery book! I only know how to make straight stitches and cross stitches, so hopefully I win this book, so I can extend my not so great embroidery skills! If you want to give it a try, too, go here

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Candy Sweet Hearts

My oldest daughter, who thinks about sweets and candy the whole day through, asked me a while ago if I could make her a skirt with candy sweet hearts on it. I gave it some thought, but didn’t have a clue how I could make something like that, until I walked along a little yarn shop with yarn exactly the colors of candy sweet hearts in their display window. It popped into my head there and then: I could crochet a skirt…

And this is it:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cat Pumpkin

I’m not really ready for fall yet, because I adore summer sun way too much, but I love Halloween, so I couldn’t stop myself from crocheting a cat style jack-o-lantern (or a jack-o-lantern style cat, for that matter). Just this one pumpkin and then nothing more autumnish for the rest of this month.

made in a day



This week my Chain of Letters was featured by Toastie Studio! Thanks, Stephanie!! 

toastie studio

Saturday, September 1, 2012


And here’s another finished project I can file in the very large map called Birthday: the piñata!

I made it of papier-mache and filled its belly with sweets and little presents.



Today my Crochet Bag is featured again, this time by A Crafty Cook. Thanks, Erin!!


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