Friday, November 27, 2015

Metal Wire Stars

A very simple ornament to make for your tree:

Drive five small nails in a piece of wood

Wind metal wire around them in a star form

Take of the star from the nails.

Wind metal wire around the star to keep wire in place

Hang from a piece of ribbon

That's it!

Wanted #48

Detachable Silk Collar by Cleo

Monday, November 23, 2015

Knit Dragon Wing Cowl

A couple of weeks ago I came along a beautiful, thick yarn, but because I didn't know what I could make from it, I didn't buy it then. Last week I bought a sweater with a very wide neck. Looked nice, but made me feel really cold. A cowl seemed the answer and that's when the yarn popped up in my mind. Bought it and made this Dragon Wing Cowl with it, a pattern I found on Pinterest. The yarn matched the design of the cowl perfectly! I like the original a bit more, because it's more winglike, but for some reason mine worked out differently.

You can find the pattern here!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Crochet Tree Ornaments

This year I chose for an alternative tree. A flat one, against the wall, that doesn't take too much space. To decorate I used a lot of ornaments I already had from other years, but I made a lot of new ones, too. Today I show you the crocheted ones.

Ball (made up myself, just increase and decrease)

Star (pattern to find here)

Icicles (pattern to find here)

Tree (made up by me)

Another tree (pattern to find here)

And another star (made up myself)

Wanted #47

Myrtle Checked Swing Dress by Lindy Bop

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