Friday, January 30, 2015

More Bunny Stuff

Just two more things I made for my daughter's birthday... 
This week she had her party for some invited class mates and friends. She really wanted to have a rabbit cake, but I just hadn't the time to bake one myself, so I bought a plain cake in a patisserie and embellished it with a little rabbit I made from fondant. I'm glad to say she liked it just as much.

 I also made a pinata, also with the rabbit theme, of course. And how much I like (dare I say love?) our new furry friend, I'm glad I can turn over to another subject.

Wanted #5

Cross Shirt by King Louie

Monday, January 26, 2015

Baby, we're really in love

One of my favorite artists is Hank Williams Sr (although I'm a big fan of his grandson, Hank III, also), so for Valentine's Day quote I used a line from one of his songs. 
'Baby, we're really in love' isn't my favorite, as that is 'Howling at the Moon' of course, but nevertheless a great song, too.


This week my Birthday Dress for my five year old was featured by Busy Fingers, Busy Life!

Thank you, Barbara!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Brain Storm

Beside the over all improvement as a result from the renovation of our house, there's another great thing: I will get my own place to craft (instead of sitting in the living room or in the kitchen, where my husband throws his coat over the chair and flatten my projects and where my kids grab my craft tools to never be found no more). With my own walls to hang stuff from! I'm an OR nurse with brain surgery as a favorite, so this had to be the first thing to hang:

Our new family member has arrivered! And I never thought I would say this about a rabbit, but what a great animal is Little Hare! I always thought rabbits were just sitting in their cage, eating and pooping, but no, nothing of that. Not with Little Hare, at least. He's smart, he likes to give little kisses, he wants to play and he does a lot of non verbal communication (like running and jumping up in the air as he is happy). The short version: Little Hare is top!!


My Birthday Dress as well as my Bunny Treats were featured by Bowdabra!! The Bunnies were also featured by Creative Jewish Mom.

Thank you so much!

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