Made It #2

~Since I pinned lots of recipes on my Pinterest boards through the years, but never made anything from the pinned items, I've set myself a goal to try one recipe per week to reduce the overload~
Last week I made the delicious Stroopwafel Cake, that was gone in less than an hour (no, not only because of me) and let you know that I would make French Onion Soup this week. Well, I did. 
I still remember the first time I ate onion soup. The name by itself didn't make me particular enthusiastic, but I was eating out with my parents while we were on vacation on Menorca and they pushed me a bit to try the soup, because they tried it before and were quite lyric about it. So I couldn't say no. Glad I didn't, because I'm a onion soup fan ever since. 
I didn't follow the recipe exactly, because after making onion soup a lots of times, I know what I like and what not, but it's a good basic recipe. 
Instead of four yellow onions, I used: 2 yellow onions 2 red onions 1 …

Little Snail

From the Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies book by Lalylala I made this snail. I don't like snails at all, especially the naked ones, but this one has a house and the house is what made me give in!

Burro Mexicano

After making the Unicorn for my daughters birthday, I wanted to make more from the Pica Pau book by Yan Martel. Because I'm a lover of donkeys and once in my life hope to owe one (I think they're so hilarious and beautiful at the same time) I chose the donkey.  I love his little Mexican poncho!
 Beneath the poncho he's wearing a tough striped shirt!

But the best part of this donkey is his tail!

Made It #1

Finally everything is back to normal; husband to work, children to school. The days I'm normally off from work, the house is mine and mine alone again. I can clean, bake, crochet, whatever I want without people getting in my way or making a mess of what I just cleaned up.
So this is also the week I can pick up the Made It item on my blog again. I pinned lots of recipes on my Pinterest boards through the years, but never made anything from it, so I set it as a goal to try one recipe per week to reduce the overload.
First one of the year is this Stroopwafel Cake (find the original recipe here), stroopwafel being a dutch treat made of two thin waffles with cane sugar syrup between it. 

Instead of the ingredients in the recipe I used an instant cake mix (only add butter, eggs and a bit of milk). After baking the cake I teared a couple of stroopwafels in little pieces to put on top of the cake and fixed them with sugar cane syrup. 
Next week: French Onion Soup!

Crochet Unicorn

As told last week my youngest daughter is about to turn 8, so the upcoming weeks I'm busy with making a lot of birthday related stuff. She chose the not so original unicorn theme, but original or not I love to make all things unicorn. 
There's always at least one birthday present that I like to make myself and fortunately there's a lovely unicorn pattern in the  Pica Pau book by Yan Schenkel that I ordered a couple of weeks ago. 
So cute, don't you think?! 

~*~ The Reindeer Garland that I crocheted for Christmas was featured by Pattern Paradise!  Thanks, ladies!