Friday, April 18, 2014

I Love Saturdays

Don't you? 

What I love about our saturdays:
* Going to the market in the morning
 with my girls to buy flowers and fresh fruit*

* Making something delicious for lunch, 
like Club Sandwiches *

* Baking something sweet for dessert, 
like a Crumble (click here for recipe) *

* Drinking caffee latte and hot chocolate
 in the afternoon at the coffee bar near by *

* Watching movies until late in the evening *
Want to make Club Sandwiches, too?

This is what you need for two:
6 slices of bread
2 chicken breast filets
100 grams of bacon slices
50 grams of rucola

This is what you need to do:

Cut the chicken breast in thin slices and bake until done.
Bake bacon until crispy.
Toast slices of bread

Smear mayonaise on the first slice of bread. 
Cover with chicken breast.
Then another slice of bread
More mayonaise
The third slice of bread
Stick a cocktail pick in it to keep all ingredients in place
And then: eat! Yummie!!

Happy Saturday!!

Wanted #16

Love this Bag!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Ladder for Blankets

Now that I can smell summer in the air I don't need the blankets for some cosy warmth on my couch anymore, but much room to put them away until needed again we don't have around our house. Just in time I saw this great idea at Alisa Burke, one of my favorite blogs: a ladder made from branches and rope. 

For the branches I used wood from the elderberry in our garden that we just cut and for the rope I used pink cotton I normally use for crochet. For extra strengthening I nailed the branches at the crossings, before I wrapped the yarn around.

On top hangs a blanket I'm still busy with. Well, not that busy, because the loose pieces are laying around for quite some weeks  now, but sewing together the loose pieces to complete the blanket is something that I just don't like (or shall I say hate). 

In the middle is a blanket I bought years ago in a store I don't even remember the name of.

At the bottom hangs a blanket I crocheted a couple of months ago (see here).

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Chickens

To fill up this lazy sunday I made these Easter Chickens for my girls.


Don't you think it's funny that the projects you made that you yourself like the most, a lot of times get a lot less attention than things you made as an 'in betweener'? 
My Flower Dress that I posted last saturday for example, is a project I really love. Colors, pattern, everything. But there are not much other people that like it as much as I do, I can see in my statistics and from the amount of comments. 
On the other hand, my Paper Cherry Blossom project, that I made in less than an hour and I consider as lesser project, had many, many visitors. Still has. Do you have this experience, too? That projects you think will attract a lot of enthousiasts turn out to be not that popular and vice versa? 


Thanks a lot!

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